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I am on a mission to spread the love of Christ so that women can freely accept the gift of Jesus, drop our pursuits for perfectionism, and rest in his peace and salvation so that we may boldly pick up up our own cross and pursue his plans for us.

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Hey ya’ll, my name is Kelley and first and foremost I am a wife and mom of rambunctious twin boys. Over the years God has been forming, moving, and working through me to create this space for you.

I believe that you have divine purpose, that you are a complex and beautiful human, and I want you to live your life on fire. My hope and prayer is that together we would be encouraged by God’s truths, boldy take faith inspired action, and create a powerful movement where we no one can deny the presence of our Father.

I never believed I would be brave enough to do ministry but with God anything is possible. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

"God has placed incredible strength inside of you, and your light is powerful, and you do not have to be perfect to share that light and make a difference."

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Published Work

A transparent story about walking through the NICU with two micro-preemies.

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